What a lovely day to use Finland’s belly as a pillow. 

Raise your hand if you wish to see a blog dedicated to Finland’s chubby cheeks. 

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Member: meomnimi


Finally finished~ I wanted to experiment with the Airbrush tool in PaintToolSai a bit since I’m feeling pretty cheery~ This was also inspired by the song “Heart Attack” by EXO-K~ I’ll draw Sweden next~ 

you are very good and talented at drawing! Chubby Finland is the bomb diggity!

Admin Klacier:  Thank you very much, anon! *chubby hugs* 


This was my first attempt at drawing a chibi, and it turned out waaay better than I expected, OMG. I’m so happy. ;u; 

And it’s kind of chubby, I just realized… Oh well.